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wizdUUm.net is an inclusive, social justice-oriented online community through which we seek to model and co-create the tools to build Beloved Community.  wizdUUm is intentionally "crowd-sourced;" that is, it is/will be what those who contribute make it. However, there are a few underlying guiding principles:

* wizdUUm is intentionally multicultural - We recognize the realities of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism and other forms of systemic oppression.  However, we're here to help co-create a world without those oppressions.  Hence, members are encouraged to envision positive ways to respond and effect systemic change.

* wizdUUm is religiously pluralistic - While the site focuses on Unitarian Universalism, we recognize truth in multiple religious/spiritual sources, as well as science.  People of all religous persuassions (or lack thereof) are welcome so long as they remain respectful of the differing beliefs of others. 

* wizdUUm is politically progressive - We reocgnize that there is no such thing as "neutral" in the face of oppression.  That said, progressive doesn't mean being against conservatives; progressive means being for our shared values of inclusion, equity, and openess to change that's for the better.

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wizdUUm was born of and then reborn by two events:

One: My family is not religious so my active involvement with Unitarian Universalism has been perplexing to them, and a source of some tension. Once while I was visiting home, my father remarked again about my involvment. Then he talked wearily about all the things that are wrong with this world - the poverty and war and hatred... and observed that religion had not been very effective at making the world better. I felt myself tensing as I anticipated his criticism and debated internally whether I really wanted to argue with my dad. Instead, his look turned hopeful, and he turned to me and said, "Maybe you can do something about that." That was in January 2006, and this website was part of my attempt to do that for my dad. 

Two: When I first converted to UUism, I was drawn by the vision of an intentionally multi-cultural faith community dedicated to building and embodying Rev. King's Beloved Community.  However, ove the years it became increasingly apparent to me that the cultural diversity of which we speak so fondly is rarely a lived in the reality of our congregations.  At the same time, I've grown increasingly frustrated with our lack of spiritual depth. Many of us have rejected the traditions and rituals we grew up with but UUism offers little in their place.  Now, one can sit and complain, leave, or do something to make things better.  It's now 2013, and this website was rededicated as an attempt to address these issues in a constructive way.

- Kat Liu



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