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Affirming the inherent worth of each person, our mutual interdependency, and our responsibility to help co-create a world in which every person has the opportunity to live to their full potential, social justice as a direct expression of our Unitarian Universalist faith. To the right you will find links to wizdUUm resources on issues of social justice, under seven broad categories.  As always, you are invited to contribute to our collection.

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Sermons on Social Justice

Economic Justice and Moral Injury

By Suzi Spangenberg

Delivered at The Church of the Fellowship for All Peoples (Fellowship Church), San Francisco, CA

On May 26th, 2013


wizdUUm Blogs on Social Justice

The Pure Land on Earth












I've mentioned before that my family is what I call Chinese Buddhist - a mixture of Zen, Pure Land, and indigenous traditions. Most of you likely know about Zen, but you might not have heard of Pure Land.

The ultimate goal is still nirvana, as it is with all Buddhism, but Pure Land adherents believe in the existence of a Western paradise, created by the beneficence of the Amitabha Buddha. If one is fortunate enough to be reborn into this place of bliss, free from the distractions of suffering, one will easily attain nirvana. And one becomes so fortunate by praying to Amitabha for help. In his compassion for our suffering, he intervenes when we would not have made it by ourselves. One could call it grace.

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