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UU Stories

John Murray Sailed Over the Ocean

Many years ago, there were two separate kinds of churches – the Unitarians, and the Universalists. Each church started on its own, but over time, they grew to have more things in common with each other. This is the story about the person who started the Universalist church; his name was John Murray.

UUs in the News

Churches champion immigrants' plight

Congregants offer support, money

By Maria Sacchetti
Boston Globe / July 4, 2008

At Sunday services and spaghetti suppers, churches and other religious groups across Massachusetts are fueling a growing movement to defend immigrants' rights, from raising money for detainees to lobbying lawmakers to overhaul immigration laws.

Somechurches in mostly white, affluent towns such as Andover and Chelmsford are inviting immigrants to share their stories in hopes that residents will rally to their cause. At least one, the Arlington Street Church in Boston, is taking a stronger stand by signing onto a national movement to aggressively defend immigrants' rights through protests and other activities.

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