A poem to Fundamental

The Fundamental Answer to Evil Is Worse Than the Problem
The living flame of love does not offend so why do you try to wound my soul
All life is sacred so a call to arms, a holy jihad must be viewed with suspicion
In the heart you would injure, Jesus delicately inspires my love
A peaceful place where love abides and shares with all

Passed from the soul beyond what can be expressed by mouth
I recognize your intentions behind the harsh and angry manner
Eliminating evil, a task within the self, eliminates any barrier to love
Choices examined move towards or away from it

Hellish thinking creates devils and discordant feelings
You have no prejudices, only hatreds based on evidence?
You want to save the world, forcibly bringing me to peace
I remain in tranquility, waiting for you to join

"You reap what you sow"

The thoughts that we sow make our choice as to the character and nature of our product whether that product is our personality, our mental life or our spiritual life. When a person wants tomatoes, he plants tomato seeds; if a person wants corn, he plants corn seeds. If you want the best product you select the best quality seeds for the job, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay special attention while they are growing. If you tend your garden, water and pull the weeds you won’t have any doubts to the outcome.

Not mind, not body, Soul

When we stop to contemplate who we really are, we are astonished to find that we are neither our body nor our mind. To the contrary, we find that our mind and body are merely mediums used by the soul to convey the Will of the Father. The soul is unremitting and one with pure consciousness, and if we listen to it, it will guide our minds and bodies to pure consciousness. This consciousness is the source of creation where the manifest originates from the immeasurable.


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