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wizdUUm.net is back online

After a five year hiatus, wizdUUm.net is back online!  With special thanks to the Fahs Collaborative for its support.

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Thanks & FYI

Thanks for creating this site!

Can I help? I have little time but am a dedicated lifelong UU evangelist. I see you're using Drupal, which I've used but have little experience with. I specialize in Wordpress. I manage this Drupal website which will disappear soon: http://baltwashuus.com

I also created a site in HTML which is obviously old now, but it gets lots of hits and would be nice if I could somehow keep it and make it useful, maybe with a Fahs grant as this site had before (goal find RE resources): http://rec-room.org The search engine doesn't work any more, so I need to do something soon. If I don't have any help, I'll probably add ads so I can make some funds on it.

- Joyce

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Links & wysiwyg don't seem to work

I tried to edit my profile to make my link clickable and got this message:

Notice: Undefined index: picture in avatar_selection_form_user_profile_form_alter() (line 266 of /home/wizduumn/public_html/wizduum/sites/all/modules/avatar_selection/avatar_selection.module).

There was not editor for the profile section and I don't see one for the comments either. I couldn't make my link clickable. I deleted the html which didn't work.

As you can see with REC-Room, I have experience at UU websites that don't quite become what I wish they would. Still every way that we can help spread the word is worth the time and if we work together we can make them work.

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