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Book on Christian Mysticism

"Evolution of Consciousness" by John Kuykendall is appealing in particular because it explains the Christian mysteries so everyone can understand them. The book evolves in stages as the reader is taken on a transforming journey through the layers of the mind, the parts of the mind and evolution. Among the themes explored are: Christ Consciousness, Trinity, and the Soul. It answers many questions and leads one to Christian Mysticism. I would recommend "Evolution of Consciousness" as a resource for spiritual renewal because the book outlines, with specific and practical guidelines, a life any person in the world—no matter their station—might adopt with great benefit. Here is ancient Christian wisdom written so contemporary Christians may understand.

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! and especially to shaktinah - I think you're awesome!

I'm a life-long UU and third-generation Chinese American woman, from California but currently going to seminary on the East Coast, a student and practioner of Buddhism and an aspiring chaplain. For a long time I have sort of stayed away from both online UU stuff as well as UU POC stuff, and I'm not really sure why. I think the lack of more people "who look like me" in UU settings has long been a point of sadness that I felt helpless to address but this afternoon in doing some online exploration I came across this blog and some others that made me feel hopeful. So I'm really looking forward to meeting/talking with people and applaud you for all the terrific work you have done so far.

Cultural Appropriation & Misappropriation

Taken from another forum:

I am familiar with syncretic pagan traditions where people mix pantheons and practices from various traditions, perhaps making a Celtic style offering to an Egyptian diety, throwing some African drumming in with a Native American smudging, that sort of thing. That is what I think of when I think of cherry picking and UU does not do that. What they DO do is to say "lets take a look at this practice or teaching in this faith, and see what wisdom we can gain from it."

To me that is a bit different than mixing and matching teachings and practices, though to another, it may seem about the same.

UU is informed by other traditions, and uses the insight gained from them, but it does not use their deities and rituals to patch together a practice. It develops it's own ritual based on its own understandings.


I stop by every once in a while thought I'd say hi. This is a great website. Hope to see more confessions soon. I'm a new UU, just signed the book two days ago.

Responding to Knoxville

Hey all, namaste.

In response to the shootings in Knoxville last Sunday, I would like to have my congregation fold paper cranes and send them to the two congregations affected - Tennessee Valley UU Church and Westside UU Fellowship - and will call my church today for permission to set up a table on Sunday.  Am sending this idea out to UU lists and forums that I know in case others would like to join us.  The churches addresses are on, but I can post them here if someone needs them.

In faith and for peace,

Churches champion immigrants' plight

Congregants offer support, money

By Maria Sacchetti
Boston Globe / July 4, 2008

At Sunday services and spaghetti suppers, churches and other religious groups across Massachusetts are fueling a growing movement to defend immigrants' rights, from raising money for detainees to lobbying lawmakers to overhaul immigration laws.

Somechurches in mostly white, affluent towns such as Andover and Chelmsford are inviting immigrants to share their stories in hopes that residents will rally to their cause. At least one, the Arlington Street Church in Boston, is taking a stronger stand by signing onto a national movement to aggressively defend immigrants' rights through protests and other activities.

Unitarians oppose anti-gay marriage ballot measures

by Tim Murphy Religion News Service July 1, 2008

Unitarian Universalists ended their annual General Assembly meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with a call to oppose ballot measures in Florida and California that would outlaw same-sex marriages.

Delegates also called for an end to what they called the "present day slavery" of undocumented immigrants.

"Our vision of justice is not limited to concern for one oppressed group," said the Rev. William Sinkford, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, at a rally. "It's a vision of justice in which all American families are valued. We say that the Beloved Community must have room for all of us."


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