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wizdUUm.net aspires to be an inclusive, social justice-oriented online community through which we seek to model and co-create the tools to build Beloved Community.  wizdUUm is intentionally "crowd-sourced;" that is, it is/will be what those who contribute make it. However, there are a few underlying guiding principles:

* center marginalized voices - Recognizing the oppressive realities of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, religious discrimination and other ways in which the dominant society privileges a few identities while relegating most others to the margins, we seek to provide a counter-balance by giving greater visibility to those marginalized voices.  

* center earth-based spirituality - Recognizing that the dominant spiritual view, regardless of religious identity, is consumerism, and that this view is degrading our Earth, sibling species and fellow human workers, we seek to return us to earth-based spirituality that emphasizes harmony and gratitude (regardless of religious identity). 

* integrate spirituality, art, and activism - Recognizing that art, activism, and spirituality are deeply intertwined and that all three are at their most vibrant when this is recognized, we seek to intergrate these three things in everything we do.

* foster UU identity and community - Recognizing that Unitarian Universalism has played a vital role in providing refuge for those ostracized by their former religious communities, but that cohesive, vibrant communities are better created around what we're "for' rather than what we're "against," we seek to create resources that foster UU identity.   

* lead with love - Recognizing that the many and continual injustices of this world tempt us to harden our hearts, but that "hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that," we seek to cultivate a firm but compassionate response to all challenges we face, both interpersonally and organizationally.

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