Geek Rock!


Ok, so only the geekiest of people are going to get this. But I thought it was hilarious. 

 FYI: PCR = polymerase chain reaction It's a way to make lots of copies of a DNA sequence and it used routinely in biological research, as well as to identify or absolve people in criminal investigations. Dr. Kary Mullis is the guy credited with inventing PCR, for which he won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. Bio-Rad is a company that makes a lot of PCR products, and they obviously want scientists to remember them and buy their stuff! Hmm... I swear that guy in the blue shirt looks familiar... And of course, I can't help but be reminded of Jonathan Coulton's song: That Spells DNA


Desperate Who?

This arrived in my emailbox this evening:

Subject: UUism and Desperate Housewives

Well, we're moving into pop culture.  Bree referred Lynette to go to a UU church (where she hears we are open to asking questions) last week on Desperate Housewives.

To which my reaction was, who is Bree and who is Lynette?  Maybe pop culture has moved into us but not all of us have moved into it. :P

Forget the Popemobile

I'm not a big fan of the new pope.  (I loved JPII!)  But I have to admit that the new pontiff seems less foreboding and slightly more endearing in this commercial for riding the DC METRO.

Addendum (2008.04.13 11:22 pm):
More Pope products, for the papal faithful.

Emerson v. Channing

Rev. Daniel Harper shows us that even attack ads can be fun.

Beware the Believers

 Also from Making Chutney:

A vid starring one of my favorite ideologues

Blessing of the Priuses

This arrived in my email inbox today:

Blessing of the Priuses to be held at cathedral

(April 1, 2008) - As part of the diocesan mission to protect the environment and combat global warming, Bishops Shaw, Cederholm and Harris will be on hand to celebrate a Blessing of the Priuses in front of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul (138 Tremont Street in Boston) on Saturday, April 5. Prius owners in the Boston area are invited to drive by so their environmentally sensitive vehicles can be blessed.

"We think this event will bring greater awareness of the dangers of global warming and the responsibility of each and every one of us to fight it," Cederholm said.

The blessings celebration will be followed by the Running of the Priuses, where SuV drivers  will be encouraged to run on foot in front of the herd of just-blessed vehicles.


Holey Cheesus!

Got this from Making Chutney.

It's a Cheetos Jesus! (Click on the pic or on this link for the vid.)

My love for American Cheese meets my love for religious kitsch in a perfect orange puff of corny goodness.

What if God...

had a MySpace account?

Too funy. :p I think God would say He's lmao.

Especially liked Satan repeatedly requesting God as a friend. There's a bit of theology in this silliness!

P.S. So God uses a mac but with Windows? That's just wrong.


Got up at 7:30 am this morning for a conference call to work (10:30 am DC time).  From my perspective it was a normal staff meeting, except that I was calling in from SF.  But afterwards my mother commented that she didn't believe I was working; I was laughing too much.


Afterwards, went to Berkeley with bro et ma to tend my parents' apartment building.  Replace burnt out light bulbs.  Rake old and soggy leaves.  Pick up trash.  Throw out junk mail.  Sweep.  Weed.  There is something calming about this work.

As we pull out of the drive way, I see ahead of us, across the quiet street - chickens!!  Two them, reddish brown, doing their poultry-strut down the side walk in the afternoon sun.  



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