This page houses links to the wizdUUm collection of stories, one of the major projects of Stories tell us who we are as a peoople and what we stand for. When repeated, these values get internalized over time.  For more information on how you can contribute, see here.

Midrash is the Jewish tradition of telling stories about biblical passages in order to help understand them. Biblical stories are often very brief and cryptic. Midrash fills in the gaps from a particular perspective/interpretation, and/or it updates the stories with modern references to make it more relatable. As such, midrash is not meant to be authoritative (which makes it perfect for UUs).

Unitarian Universalist Midrash

UU Stories

John Murray Sailed Over the Ocean

Many years ago, there were two separate kinds of churches – the Unitarians, and the Universalists. Each church started on its own, but over time, they grew to have more things in common with each other. This is the story about the person who started the Universalist church; his name was John Murray.

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