Who in the World am I?

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David Pyle
Who in the World am I?

Isn't that a question we all struggle with! One of the great things about this fourm program is that you can edit your posts... I would hate to be tied into one definition of myself that I can never adapt!

Hello Everyone! My name is David, and I am a UU Seminary Student, who is working to become a U.S. Army Chaplain. Until sometime this summer, I am the Fellowship Administrator and Student-minister of the UU Fellowship of Galveston County (www.uugalveston.org) on Galveston Island, Texas.

Theologically, I am a Universalist Dynamic Deist, and if you figure out what that means, please send me a PM or email and let me know, because I am always figuring it out for myself. But that is the great thing about picking fuzzy labels, you are able to work within them!

I'm looking forward to our having a forum dedicated to UU Theology! And Kat is wonderful for setting it up. I also run a website and a forum at www.dynamicdeism.org.

I wont bore you with more about me... but if you want to find out more, then please read my essay in my journal entitled "A New Path"


I'm looking forward to what we can do here!

Yours in Faith,


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