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Adding and Organizing Content

Benjamin wrote on RF:

I'd also be interested in having a section for hymns, since that's something that I'm particularly interested in. I'd be happy to make a significant contribution to such a section.

Hi Benjamin, namaste. I've decided to focus on this at the moment because the sermon project, while worthwhile, is too daunting for me to think about at the moment. I've given you "authorship" capabilities, which means that you can add "articles" and "book pages" to this web site. If I've done this correctly, you should be able to edit and delete your own entries but not someone else's. Please let me know if I've set the access incorrectly. (I'm trusting you to not delete my site! ;-) What little there is of it at the moment.) The main question at hand is whether we want the hymns to be in a "book," kinda like an electronic hymnal without the score. Or as individual articles. My inclination is to do it as a book. This is an example of one I've started for UU theology: Let me know what you think. If it seems good to you, we can get started at your convenience. Another question is whether to have separate hymnals for American and British? I have no idea how different your hymnal is from ours. I mean theoretically, we could electronically duplicate the hymnals so that hymns would appear in the same order as in the originals, in which case it would make sense to keep them separate. But that's a heck of a lot of work.

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