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Who are U?

Who I am? Good question. I find that I am being redefined all the time. I'm not really one that likes to talk (or type) about myself much. But since I feel l already know you guys a little, I'll just say I'll take questions if anyone is interested.

- Amy

A speech I gave on "Why liberals are not against marriage"

Please let me know if I miss-spoke what UU theology is....

Religious Liberals are not out to destroy marriage.

How many times have we heard the rallying cry. “The liberals are out to destroy marriage”. Today, I’d like to explain how liberal denominations such as the Unitarian Universalists are not out to weaken or destroy marriage.

As a church we are interested in people’s souls. As one of our UU ministers said, soul work “is the work of the church”. Soul work is looking deeply at ourselves, knowing our own souls and working on the problems we find there.

Soul work doesn’t just happen with individuals, soul work happens between couples as well. Let’s go back to the illustration of Dr Williams here, Back in her day, if you got pregnant, you got married. You made your bed, you were expected to lie in it. And over time you were expected to work it out.

The Heart of UU

I have been involved in my wife's UU church for a couple of years now. And I never really did understand what would make such a church tick. I've read the seven principles. I've asked and gotten the standard answers. But I still thought "People who believe in everything really don't believe in anything", or "it is all just intellectual".

Then sitting in the last plenary session of GA I heard something that made a difference. The moderator was talking about issues of raceism. And she talked about finding the point of pain and then staying in it. Staying there until ....

And I suddenly got it. As she talked about "This village may be the only village that could..." all the social work and everything else in the UU church dropped into place.

General Assembly 2006, St Louis MO

I'm still processing GA, but thought I'd share a little bit.

First, as I said in another post, this was only my second GA. Last year was my first, and last year our church was selected as one of the "breakthrough" congregations, and our senior minister was chosen to give the sermon for Sunday worship. So there was a lot of added interest and everything was novel and shiny last year. So it did feel like a little bit of a letdown this year, but I'm willing to believe that's a subjective, relative thing.

Religious Pluralism and Civil Rights

Before I start writing about what's on my mind, I'd like to commend Kat for creating this forum. I very much appreciate your goals and think that on-line communities are effective in fostering and nurturing the sort of dialogue that a progressive religious faith espouses.

Reciprocal Morality

One of the reasons that I am a UU is that I hold a Universalist belief that, if there is religious truth to be found, it can only be found through the confluence of human discourse and ideas... That revelation will happen, sometimes through inspiration, but also through seeing trends in the thought of yourself and others.

On my own discussion forum, we have recently been discussing morality and the Golden Rule, and I desired the opinions of my fellow UU's on the idea of how, what I term as Reciprocal Morality, actually represents a Universal principle.

I wont do this often, I promise, but let me repost some of my thoughts from my fourm and journal....

Syncretic Religion?

Ok, I noticed that UU has been moved to the catagory of Syncretic Relgion at Religious Forums...

And so, I'm just curious, what is meant by Syncretic Religion? I have never heard UU Catagorized that way...

Here is the definition...

syn·cre·tism ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sngkr-tzm, sn-)

Reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief, as in philosophy or religion, especially when success is partial or the result is heterogeneous.
Linguistics. The merging of two or more originally different inflectional forms.


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