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The Official Chalice of the UUA

They changed about a year ago.

Old chalice:

New chalice:

Which do you prefer and why?

There is a poll that goes with this thread.

These are some proud old crones

Women say label is a sign of empowerment


Concord Monitor staff

April 30. 2007 9:30AM 

Call Natalie Smith a crone and she'll thank you. To Smith, "crone" isn't a nasty barb but a title bestowed upon her 20 years ago by a group of younger women wishing to honor her wisdom and experience.

Now at 88, Smith is among the elders at the Concord Unitarian Universalist Church. With horned staff in hand, she leads the closing blessing at the annual winter solstice service and, as a retired federal budget officer, critiques the church's books. In between, she serves as a role model for younger women in a world that often values their beauty over their other skills.

Additions to the forums

I have added the ability to use smilies  :) , private message ;), and subscribe to different threads  8) .

Adding and Organizing Content

Benjamin wrote on RF:

I'd also be interested in having a section for hymns, since that's something that I'm particularly interested in. I'd be happy to make a significant contribution to such a section.

Regarding the website idea

Hey there, I'm hartlandcat from ReligiousForums — I know I said that I'd wait for lilithu to start a thread on here about this, but since I wanted to give some further comments this evening, I thought I'd start this thread anyway.

Anyway, to respond to what was said on that thread on ReligiousForums:

« HartlandCat, yes, I remember that you are in Great Britain. I must admit that I am a typical American in that I tend to be too self-centered on the U.S. (and Canada, I have learned to remember Canada when thinking of UU). But if I am sincere in my desire to grow and strengthen UU, then one of the things I must keep in mind is our sister congregations outside of North America. I think your perspective would be invaluable, if you don't mind having to kick me in the pants every now and then. I will try to be better. »

Pairing environmentalism, economic justice

The Boson Globe By Rich Barlow | April 21, 2007 It's not easy being green, unless, that is, you're a spiritual person who lives on Cape Cod. A sturdy environmentalism can be born from the marriage of religion, with its reverence for creation, and a seacoast dweller's appreciation of nature's might. John Schlee belongs to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth, and his denomination's foundational principles include "respect for the interdependent web of all existence." He is also a scientist who retired from the US Geological Survey, and he has a long memory. Falmouth is barely 10 feet above sea level, he says, and often loses power during hurricanes and strong northeasters. Just a generation ago, few religious leaders worried about the state of the environment, said the Rev. Robert F.

Moral Values in a Pluralistic Society

So what is your congregation doing to address this question?

Issue: How might the moral and ethical grounding of Unitarian Universalism be given greater voice in the public square?


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