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Deb Hafner on the O'Reilly Factor

I don't normally watch Bill O'Reilly, let alone tell other people to watch him. But UU minister Deb Hafner will be on the show to support Barak Obama's recent statements on sex ed. For those of you who don't know Deb Hafner, she's a UU minister and the director of the Religious Institute of Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing. She will be speaking as both a member of the clergy and as a sex educator.

UU mother practices 'spiritual parenting'

By Rich Barlow | June 30, 2007 For several years, Tyler Grenzeback slid toward depression as he struggled with dyslexia. Then he plunged headlong into sorrow after coping with his girlfriend's depressed state and her pushing him away. "After that fell apart, I started to fall apart," he recalled. His mother, Sally Patton, kept her cool when he approached her about his despair. "I care for my child; I wanted to help him," Patton said. "But I could help him better . . . by not crying with him, by not agonizing with him, by not getting sucked in to his depression. My best love and gift to him was being able to be a supportive, calm parent." She took him to a psychologist, who taught Grenzeback to meditate and to visualize a "spiritual place I could go to," a mental safe house where he could ponder sad feelings without acting on them.

Unitarian Universalists find their ranks aren't universal

Faith - An association meeting in Portland struggles with issues of race in a church known for its liberalism Friday, June 22, 2007 ANGIE CHUANG The Oregonian Staff In Portland and nationwide, it's the church of the far left's movers and shakers. Among the Unitarian Universalist Association's congregants are former Amnesty International head William Schulz, former Portland Mayor Bud Clark and leaders of the "No on Measure 9" gay-rights and Death with Dignity Act campaigns. It's a feather in Portland's liberal-leaning cap that the UUA's 10th annual national general assembly is taking place here this week. Even better, Joseph Santos-Lyons, the Portland church's first homegrown minister of color, was "fellowshipped" (the equivalent of a large-scale ordination) Thursday evening. It is a milestone for the association, which is 92 percent white, by its own estimates.

Time Is Right for New Pentagon Papers

By Amy Goodman Of the Democratic presidential candidates, Sen. Mike Gravel is probably the least well recognized. His dark-horse candidacy may be the butt of jokes on the late-night comedy shows, but that doesn’t faze former Pentagon analyst Daniel Ellsberg: “Here is a senator who was not afraid to look foolish. That is the fear that keeps people in line all their lives.” The famed whistle-blower joined Gravel this past weekend on a panel commemorating the 35th anniversary of the publication of the Pentagon Papers by the Beacon Press, a small, nonprofit publisher affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association. It was this publisher that Gravel turned to in 1971, after dozens of others had turned him down, to publish the 7,000 pages that Ellsberg had delivered to Gravel to put into the public record.


I finally figured out how to do a cron job (of sorts), which means that the <a href="">search</a> feature of the website now works.  Yay!

Leading Human Rights Groups Name 39 CIA 'Disappeared' Detainees

Three Groups File Lawsuit Seeking Information about 'Ghost' Detention By: Human Rights Watch / Amnesty International Published: Jun 7, 2007 at 08:06 In the most comprehensive accounting to date, six leading human rights organizations today published the names and details of 39 people who are believed to have been held in secret US custody and whose current whereabouts remain unknown. The briefing paper also names relatives of suspects who were themselves detained in secret prisons, including children as young as seven. In a related action, three of the groups filed a lawsuit in US federal court under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) seeking the disclosure of information concerning "disappeared" detainees.

N.H. governor signs civil unions law

May 31, 2007, 4:46PM By BEVERLEY WANG Associated Press Writer © 2007 The Associated Press CONCORD, N.H. — Gov. John Lynch signed a law Thursday establishing civil unions for same-sex couples in New Hampshire, allowing them to apply for the same rights as married people as early as January. New Hampshire has "a long and proud tradition taking the lead in opposing discrimination," Lynch said. "Today that tradition continues." It will be the fourth state to offer civil unions and the first to do so without a court order or threat of one. Couples who enter civil unions will have the same rights as married couples. Same-sex unions from other states also will be recognized if they were legal in the state where they were performed. Lynch, a Democrat, called the measure a matter of conscience.


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