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It's Chris.

Just stopping by to say hello.  I check out the place every couple of weeks and I'm really impressed. 


It's Chris.


Just stopping by to say hello.  I check out the place every couple of weeks and I'm really impressed. 

Churches unite against U.S. torture

Julia Duin
Friday, June 6, 2008

Almost 300 congregations across the country have combined forces this month to try to shame the U.S. government about torture through black-and-white banners posted on church properties.

From Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Alaska to Augustana Lutheran Church in the District, 298 houses of worship are displaying banners with messages such as "Torture is wrong" and "Torture is a moral issue."

"It's to give physical and visible voice to religious opposition to torture," said Linda Gustitis, a Unitarian who is president of the National Religious Campaign to Abolish Torture (NRCAT), which is providing banners to churches.

Marketing our Faith??

A friend pointed out this bit from the St. Petersburg Sinkford interview, which I had originally missed:

Maxwell: Throughout its existence, the UUA has shied away from proselytizing. What made the church change its mind and proselytize at this time? Or do you call it proselytizing?

Sinkford:No, we don't call it proselytizing. We call it marketing.

I don't think I like that.  Is our religion a brand to be sold?

We both agreed this explains the new logo.

What do others think? 

Interview with Bill Sinkford in St. Petersburg Times

The Rev. William G. Sinkford, the 61-year-old president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, is a Harvard graduate and the first African-American to lead a historically white denomination in the United States.

Unitarians, who practice probably the most liberal of all religions, do not share a creed but hope to help each other grow spiritually. Different Unitarians may draw on elements of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and other world religions.

Sinkford, elected the seventh president of the Unitarian Universalist Association in June 2001, fields some questions here, including his views on Barack Obama's former pastor, from Bill Maxwell, a Times columnist and member of the editorial board who has been a Unitarian since 1969.

Click here for the awesome interview.

Two Big Updates and one little one

First the little one: I got better smileys.Laughing

The forums just got a major face lift.  I installed "AdvancedForums" so the Drupal forums will be a little more user friendly.  

Also installed "AreaHtml," which gives us a wysiwyg editor.  That means adding things like links and images should be a lot easier now for people who don't know html.

UU Communion

In the absence of a belief in Christ - Jesus as God - what does communion mean in UU congregations?  If the bread and the wine/grape juice are not the body and blood of Christ, then what are they?


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