Green Is In the Air

Happy St. Pattie's Day!

Green is in the air for more reasons than one.  Even tho the first day of spring does not begin until this Thursday, the earth doesn't seem to care about the calendar.

Every year I am amazed.  One moment it seems like nothing is stirring in the still cold, hard earth.  And the next moment it seems like new life is popping up all over the place.  

While taking out the trash this morning, I noticed crocuses popping their heads up.  I didn't even know they were there, having inherited them.  But they care not who "owns" the land.

Walking out the front steps, I walked by the day lilies that my housemate had planted, just the green shoots and leaves for now.

Walking to the metro, I saw tulips and daffodils in my neighbors' front yards.

On the metro train, the trees at Brookland station were starting to put out white blossoms.

Near my office in Dupont Circle are magnolia trees in full bloom, and cherry trees.

I swear, I saw none of this when I passed these same spaces on Friday.  Was I that unaware?  Or was the miracle so fast?  Both are equally plausible.

I am awed and made humble by life.  Life springing up in my yards where ever it decides, despite my plans, despite my pretenses of control.

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