When the Spirit Moves Us

I've got the Holy Spirit and interconnectedness on the brain these days.  I see them everywhere.

This morning before service, our discussion group was reading an essay from Rebecca Parker's Blessing the World where she describes a soldier's story of how he was ordered to take on a mission that he knew was hopeless.  He knew that most of his men would die, and yet, after some resistance, he gave in and did it anyway.  

We discussed the psychology behind that, how hard it is to go against the crowd.  And talk of war naturally led to discussion of the current war in Iraq, and how so many groups - the Dems, the media, the former generals... - are blaming each other now for not questioning the administration at the time, when the arguments in favor of war were so obviously faulty.

And as we talked, so many things came together.  How to relate them?  

First, I thought of how they too - the Dems, the media, the former generals... - were like that guy in Parker's story.  It's so hard to go against a crowd.  Second, I thought of my own complacency - how I knew the war was wrong but also kind of accepted that it was going to happen.  I felt powerless to stop it.  And then I remembered what Taquiena had told me - that those in power stay in power by convincing the rest of us that we have no power.  

It's so hard to go against a crowd.  And yet... if we had all gone against the crowd, or even just enough of us, we would have been the crowd.   If we had all used our power, or even just enough of us, we would have had the power to stop the war.  If enough of us had tried, the rest of us would have known that we weren't alone, and it would have been easier to try too.

I think we've all experienced it.  When the losing team of a game all of the sudden starts to believe they can win and then they seem unstoppable.  Or when a political movement ignites.  When people who thought they were powerless realize they have power.

That is the Holy Spirit of Life in action.  Moving through us.  Connecting us.  Empowering us.


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