Five Years of Unjust War

In January, we passed the 5th anniversary of the creation of Guantanmo.  Today, we pass the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

There have been no weapons of mass destruction found.

No links between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda found.

We say we went in to spread peace and democracy to Iraq (with bombs).  Today, Iraq is racked with violence.  The terrorists that were not there before are there now, flooding in as our presence foments resentment.

We say that Saddam was a brutal dictator who killed his own people.  He was.  But now we are a foreign occupier killing Iraqis.

Over $505 billion and counting, money that could have solved so many problems that we claim we can't afford to address.  Money taken from our children and grand-children.

Around 85,000 Iraqi civilians dead.  Very nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers dead.

And I've said all of these things before.  And those who care already know.  And those who don't care....

I spent most of the day in meetings in Boston.  At the end of the day, as I headed to Logan airport (where I type these words), I passed a small group of protesters in the Commons.  Perhaps the icy rain dampened turn out.  The grey sky matched my mood.  

All of it seems useless.

I notice that Alex has decided to blog about today after all.  He says it much better than I.

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