Confessions, part 1

OK, I admit it. I go to church almost every Sunday and I like it. Most times I even love it. Now, for the 26-44% of Americans[1] who go to worship on a regular basis this may seem like a strange thing to confess. But I'm one of those people who is usually suspicious of authority and organized institutions. Who tends to question things that are presented as "the truth." Who has trouble with the idea of a patriarchal God who condemns most of His children to hell. You know, one of those "Godless liberals."

Except that this "Godless liberal" needs God. Or needs to connect to that ineffable something greater that I sometimes catch glimpses of.  So after rejecting the patriarchal god and hell, I investigated many different religious traditions, from Buddhism to Taoism to Paganism to Qabalah to Hinduism, etc, etc.  In most of these religious traditions I found great wisdom and value but there was always something that I couldn't accept, whether it was reincarnation/rebirth or gods and goddesses or angels... There was always some deal-breaker bit of ideology that prevented me from committing to the tradition. So I moved on to another, and another. In short, I became another liberal stereotype, one of those New Agers who can tell you what a chakra is, quote verses from the Tao te Ching, and cast a ritual circle... a little bit of everything.  I was a mile wide and still had no place to lay deeper roots.

I feel like at this point I should say, "And then I found Unitarian-Universalism and it was perfect! They believe everything that I believe and nothing that I don't believe and I'm always happy with it..." but I can't. It didn't happen that way.

So how did I get from that to the point where I would want to devote a blog and a website to UU? More importantly, how did I come to see UU as a spiritual home - something that truly nourishes my soul and that I can commit myself to? Well, that's what this blog is supposed to be about.


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